Dubbed as one of the most exhilarating experiences for daredevils, skydiving is even more of an epic adventure when it’s done from the world’s highest peak. Featuring the jaw-dropping Mount Everest and other equally breathtaking peaks, conquer some new heights and go skydiving in Nepal. This exhilarating experience is seriously one you’d never want to miss and one you’d never forget. If what you want is to get away from ordinary trips around cities, let us walk you through what very well could be the most exciting experience of your life.

An Epic Feat

In this image, we can see a person skydiving in the Himalayas.
Skydiving in Nepal, just as much as any other place, is quite an extreme activity. It gets a little trickier when we talk about skydiving in the Himalayas. Make sure you do it with professionals who’ll take care of you.

Right off the bat, prepare yourself for a 10,000 ft free fall and another 12,000 or 15,000 ft for landing. The total fall is even higher than Mount Everest itself, making the entire alpine episode a death-defying stunt. The adrenaline rush and the awe-inspiring landscape of the towering Himalayan pinnacles make everything even more magical. And because of its remarkable aerial escapade, this skydiving experience is one of the world’s highest commercial events. Further, skydiving in Nepal was named No. 8 in CNN’s 50 of the most thrilling, daring things you can do on vacation.


The skydiving takes place in the Everest region with landings at either Syangboche or Ama Dablam Base Camp. These areas are skydiving-friendly and have been approved for this extreme sport through certified skydiving tours like Everest Skydive. For beginners who are still building their love for heights, there’s skydiving at Pokhara for a less extreme yet fairly breathtaking experience. Pokhara is the largest metropolis in Nepal that offers a stunning blend of natural adornments and outdoor activities. Whether you skydive from the world’s highest mountain or from its symmetrically towering peaks, still expect for an unforgettable ride.


Skydiving in Nepal is usually done during spring and fall seasons, which are the suitable periods for such extreme sports. Spring goes from March to May, while fall goes from September to December— both featuring satisfactory climate and occasional rainfalls. Skydiving tours are dependent on the weather conditions and have chosen these seasons because of calmer and clearer weather patterns. So you need to prepare ahead of time and book flights during these periods to be able to go skydiving.

Skydive Itinerary

This image shows a person skidiving above the forest in front of the Himalayas.
There’s much more to Nepal and the Himalayas than the skydiving experience. Make sure you also explore, take in all the beautiful landscapes and make the most out of your time there!

Uniquely, skydiving tours not only offer one extreme activity but rather a complete set of adventurous expeditions. Hence, they provide tourists with at least an 11-day itinerary that includes skydiving, trekking, sightseeing, and a lot more. For those wanting a more exhilarating Nepal journey, then go for the 18-day trip. Here’s a sample 11-day schedule that will help you plan out your activities ahead of time.

Day 1:

Arrival at Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal with a stunning mixture of historical wonders, spiritual aura, and metropolitan glam.

Day 2:

City tour at Kathmandu. Wander around the gateway of Nepal and delve into the bustling metropolis filled with ancient and advanced structures.

Day 3:

Fly to Lukla. Lukla is a highly-visited place that acts as the start point for the Everest Base Camp trek. After a 30-minute ride, you are off to a  8,713 ft trek to Phakding, a laid-back district in the Khumbu.

Day 4:

Trek to Namche. Namche is a major pit stop for trekkers and climbers en route to Mount Everest and other Himalayan mountains. It is a busy point packed with vendors selling climbing and trekking essentials as well as different Tibetan artifacts.

Day 5:

Unwind in Namche. After a 3450m trek yesterday to Namche, this day is allocated for tourists to enjoy the prosperous market town.

Day 6:

Trek to Syangboche. Complete a 3810m journey to witness the unpaved flying field in the Namche Bazaar village— the Syangboche Airport. The place is the closest airstrip to the Everest Base Camp and is also one of the skydive landing areas.

Days 7 to 9:

These are the skydive days. From Day 7 to Day 9, you will have the time of your life skydiving from different Himalayan peaks.

Day 10:

Head back to Kathmandu. After a series of treks and jumps, it’s time to fly back to the bustling capital.

Day 11:

Departure. Though your skydiving adventure has come to an end, you will for sure never forget this exhilarating Nepal experience. Perhaps you could even come back someday.

Important Tips

This image shows a man and a woman skydiving together.
A tandem jump should be the way to go for people who don’t have much experience.

This is one of the most extreme sports that continues to lure wanderers in a unique way. Whether you go solo or ride with a partner, you will certainly have the time of your life. You don’t need a previous experience for a tandem jump because your partner will ensure your safety. Accordingly, the price for skydiving in Nepal is quite expensive, with rates ranging from $22,000 to $30,000 US dollars depending on the package.

Skydiving in Mount Everest is surely a dream come true for those wanting to conquer their passion for extreme heights. Enjoy every moment, especially during the free fall, where you’d get the most extraordinary aerial moments along with the scenic landscape.

Have you ever tried skydiving? Would you like to do it someday? Make sure you mention your unforgettable experiences in the comment section below, as well as your questions!

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