Bungee Jumping in Europe: the Best Spots for Adrenaline Junkies

Tired of the same chicléd plans while in Europe? Want to go on to your next adrenaline-heavy experience? Join us on this journey across the Old Continent!


Dear adrenaline lovers, we know you cherish when your blood pumps of excitement as you’re rushing towards the void. That it’s in those moments when you feel more alive and free than ever. Dear adrenaline-seeking curious, we also know you’re tired of biking around, visiting parksrestaurants and aquariums. That’s why here we bring you the perfect place to get your next few seconds of adrenaline spew. We’re talking about Europe, a bungee jumping mecca that houses some of the best spots in the world. So let’s discover the best places for bungee jumping in Europe and make unforgettable memories worth bragging for a lifetime.

Bungee Jumping on the Land of the Alps

Verzasca Dam


One of the best, most famous spots for bungee jumping in Europe is Verzasca Dam. Switzerland is well known for its breathtaking landscapes, particularly thanks to the magnificent Alps. This is why adrenaline junkies recognized the potential of its stunning —and terrifying— cliffs and heights. With them, they made some of the best spots for bungee jumping in the world. One of those is the famous Verzasca Dam (aka. Contra Dam) in Ticino, a 220 m (721.7 ft) high titan.

Being the second highest commercial bungee jumping in the world, this is a nerve-wracking yet exciting experience. It’s also the place where that iconic jump from the opening sequence of GoldenEye (1995) took place. The landscapes, intimidating height and the possibility to be James Bond for a few seconds make this destination incredibly popular. Besides, it’s one of the world’s few places that allow night jumps, which makes it all the more unique.

Verzasca Dam is open from April to October and the prices range between $195 to $255 US dollars. As a popular spot for bungee jumping in Europe, it can get a little crowded, so book months in advance.

Niouc Bridge

While in Switzerland, skyrocket your adrenaline at Europe’s highest suspended bridge, the 190 m (623.36 ft) high Niouc Bridge. Swaying in Val d’Anniviers over the Navizence River, it gives the opportunity for a unique bungee jumping experience. The swinging construction of the bridge adds to the thrilling effect for adrenaline seekers. Surrender yourself to the fall here and feel that cord dangle you all around at the end of your jump. And, of course, admire stunning work of nature along the way… if your heart is still working. Niouc Bridge is open from April to the end of October and prices start at $210 US dollars.

Question Your Braveness in Austria

Kölnbrein Dam

This image shows the Bungee Jumping from Kölnbrein Dam, the country's tallest one and one of the best spots for bungee jumping in Europe.
Bungee Jumping from Kölnbrein Dam, the country’s tallest one and one of the best spots for bungee jumping in Europe. By Franz Egger – Franz Egger, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1030291

When it comes to best spots for bungee jumping in Europe, Austria competes with Switzerland… and it’s a tie. In the south of Austria, in Carinthia state, lies the tallest dam of this imperial country: Kölnbrein Dam. It’s a 165 m (541.3 ft) high dam that opens for this activity on August only, starting at $188. Since 2010, when it opened for bungee jumping, thousands of thrillseekers from the world come to take their plunge here. They jump from a 35 m (114.8 ft) crane on top of the dam that adds height to the freefall. The surroundings are remarkable and are a perfect backdrop for the experience.


If you want something more accessible, Donauturm (Danube Tower) is exactly what you’re looking for. Located in the Austrian capital, Vienna, with its 252m it makes the tallest building in the country. The crane from where bungee jumping takes place is situated on the observation deck of the building. Jumping from there means having the whole city on your palm for a few minutes, which is a wonderful experience. This 152 m (498.6) tower opens for bungee jumping from July to October at around $170 US dollars.


Want to go higher? Austria has some of the highest spots for bungee jumping in Europe and the world. One of those is Europabrücke (Europa Bridge), located in Tyrol, which is the main route to Italy across the Alps. For more than a decade, it held the title of the tallest bridge in Europe until 1974. Anyway, its 192 m (629.9 ft) height is more than enough to satisfy your adrenaline hunger and feel alive.

Just looking at this impressive structure and its surroundings is breathtaking, now imagine jumping from it! Want to test your bravery? Want to get as much adrenaline rush as possible? Or do you simply want to overcome your acrophobia? Then this might be the place for it. Just remember that operation is from May to October and that the fee starts at $200 US dollars.

Bouncing Over Italy

Valgadena Bridge

This image shows the magnificent Valgadena Bridge, one of the most beautiful spots for bungee jumping in Europe.
The magnificent Valgadena Bridge, one of the most beautiful spots for bungee jumping in Europe. By Nordavind1709 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=30671861

Austria’s neighbor, Italy, offers a real firework of adrenaline with its bungee jumping spots. The most impressive one is the 175 m (574,1 ft) high Valgadena Bridge in Vicenza, with prices around $120. Rising proudly above the rocky gorge between Forza and Enego, it’s the perfect spot for bungee jumping enthusiasts. And it’s even better if you have company because tandem bungee jumping is possible (and very welcomed) here. Just have in mind that it operates under selected times only, so you should check this site for more info.

Veglio Pistolesa Bridge

Another bridge in Italy that keeps adventurers’ attention year after year is Veglio Pistolesa Bridge (Colossus Bridge). This 152 m (498.6 ft) high bridge was Italy’s first commercial bungee jumping spot. Located in Biellese Mountains, between Milano and Turin, it’s surrounded by beauty and secludedness. Night jumps are also possible here, which makes it great for trying this kind of adventure for the first time. Before you jump, take a deep breath and then scream “la vita e bella!” as you plunge towards the ground. The Veglio Bridge opens for bungee jumping from March to November and the price is $140 US dollars.

Now that you know where to search for adrenaline in Europe, let’s go! It may seem terrifying in the beginning, but the feeling afterward is irreplaceable. Many become addicted and keep coming back for more. Just respect the safety measures, trust that core and have fun!

Have you ever experienced bungee jumping before? What are your favorite spots for this kind of adventure? Jump to the comments section below and share your thoughts and experiences with us.


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