7 Restaurants and Cafes from Famous Movies You Must Visit in Europe

Real and just as magical as in the big screen, fall in love all over again with the places where those iconic restaurant scenes from your favorite movies took place!

Famous Cabaret Moulin Rouge in Paris, France, one of the most memorable restaurants and cafes from famous movies.
Famous Cabaret Moulin Rouge in Paris, France, one of the most memorable restaurants and cafes from famous movies. finaeva/Bigstock.com

Wouldn’t it be amazing to sit at the same restaurant or cafe where your favorite movie scene happened? It doesn’t even have to be your favorite movie, but the feeling of being there makes for a completely unique experience. It’s one of those things that you should experience at least once in your lifetime. So here we give you 7 restaurants and cafes from famous movies that you can actually visit in Europe. These are iconic places from famous movies where you can drink something, enjoy a meal and even watch a show. If you’re going to the Old Continent, this is your chance to add them to your bucket list.

1. Café Des Deux Moulins in Paris, France, from Amélie (2001)

This image shows the Cafe des Deux Moulins in Paris, France. This is perhaps one of the most iconic european movie locations.
One of the most beloved restaurants and cafes from famous movies, “Cafe des Deux Moulins”. Courtesy of diegoalbero on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

This is the cafe where Amélie used to work and where her quirky story unfolds. It’s located in the lively Parisian neighborhood Montmartre, an artsy must-see place with cinematic streets and a charming atmosphere. Take a walk through the narrow streets and feel as if you were transported to the world-renowned movie in person. Wherever you go around this “village in a big city”, as it’s often called, you’ll feel captivated by the charming Parisian ambience.

End your walking tour in this famous corner cafe with pleasant and warm interiors, just like in the film. Inside, there’s a big poster of Amélie and everything’s organized pretty much like in the movie. Usually, there’s also crowds of fans and tourists, so get ready for that. Anyways, you shouldn’t miss this spot while you’re visiting Paris it’s one of the quintessential restaurants and cafes from famous movies. While you’re there, don’t forget to order a crème brulée and crack it with a teaspoon.

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2. Moulin Rouge in Paris, France, from Moulin Rouge! (2001)

Were you heartbroken at the end of this crazy and frenetic musical? Everything was fun and games (and musical numbers) until somebody got hurt. The ending of Moulin Rouge! split opinions of the audience and provoked numerous discussions. Well, you can take that discussion to another level by having it in the famous Parisian cabaret that’s heart and soul of Baz Luhrmann’s 2001 film. Although it wasn’t actually filmed in this location, the movie pays homage to the legendary Moulin Rouge by capturing its 19th century spirit.

This landmark’s located in the Red-light district of Pigalle, close to Montmartre, and it’s famous for its giant windmill (as picture in the article cover). It’s one of the most prestigious places of the Parisian nightlife, offering spectacles but also a diverse selection of food. Its interiors are all in Belle Époque style (late 19th century, right before WWI), with vibrant colors, extravagant ornaments. The Moulin Rouge is nocturnal Paris at its finest, more glamorous expression and its cabaret shows will leave you speechless.

Now, the place usually opens at 7 p.m. and it’s a little pricey (from 100 US dollars and up). It can also get crowded real fast, so we recommend that you book your seats beforehand. In the website below, you’ll find the availability, prices, opening hours and any other information you need.

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3. Pfunds Molkerei in Dresden, Germany, from The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

This image shows the inside of Pfunds Molkerei. Several tourists can be seen admiring the golden ornaments in the walls and roof. This is one of the greatest options if you're looking for restaurants and cafes from famous movies.
Pfunds Molkerei from the inside. This is one of the greatest options if you’re looking for restaurants and cafes from famous movies. By Gegeours – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

If you watched The Grand Budapest Hotel, you certainly know what “courtesan au Chocolat” pastry is, and that it’s made in Mandl’s Bakery. Well, the interior of this fictional bakery is actually a real life creamery called Pfunds Molkerei. It opened in 1880 in Dresden and is running successfully to this day.

This stunning tiny shop became so popular after the film, that it became a tourist attraction on its own. And that’s for a good reason: it’s crazy pretty. Every inch of this tiny shop has beautifully decorations, with walls and ceilings covered in hand-painted tiles. However, with beauty and fame comes the crowd, so finding a parking spot around can be very difficult. It’s best to come early in the morning and save yourself from the hassle. Now, have in mind that it’s not allowed to take photos inside, so put your camera away and enjoy the place.

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4. Cafedraal in Bruges, Belgium, from In Bruges (2008)

If you’re a fan of dark comedies, there’s no chance that you haven’t seen Martin McDonagh’s In Bruges. Now, if you’re also going to Belgium, you can’t miss a chance to visit the films most famous locations. Among them, the restaurant where Ray and his drug-dealer date Chloe went to dinner is an excellent option. Cafedraal is a restaurant in downtown Bruges, well-known for its superb food and excellent service. If you ask any local for a good place to take a bite, they’ll probably recommend you this one. We can guarantee you that you’ll have a great date there… as long as you don’t get into a fight with Canadians.

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5. Santa Lucia Ristorante in Rome, Italy, from Eat, Pray, Love (2010)

Remember the scene where Liz (Julia Robert) orders a lunch in Italian once she feels comfortable with it? Why don’t you try it too in the same restaurant’s terrace? That restaurant is Santa Lucia Ristorante, and it looks magical during the Summer. Even if the movie hadn’t been filmed there, the place is just so wonderful that it demands a visit from you. It’s also so easy to find, right off the Piazza Navona in the heart of Rome.

Although most tourists visit this restaurant because of Eat, Pray, Love, it has a lot more to offer. The place has a feeling of peace and tranquility of pure Italian romance that’s even more ecstatic during the sunny days. On top of that, its amazing food, intriguing wine selection and excellent service makes it a must-visit. The best seats are on the terrace, so you’ll only get them early before the crowds appear. In few words, it’s easy to fall in love with this place, so don’t miss it while you’re in Rome.

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6. Savini at Criterion (The Criterion Restaurant) in London, United Kingdom, from Batman: The Dark Knight (2008)

This image shows the interiors of The Criterion Restaurant, with opulent ornaments everywhere.
Interior of The Criterion Restaurant, one of the oldest restaurants in the world, is one of the best restaurants or cafes from famous movies to visit. By rek – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Imagine being so rich you enter London’s luxurious The Criterion and stumble upon your ex-lover and their politician new lover. Then you propose to move tables together so you can join them because you own the place. Yes, you can do that if you’re Bruce Wayne aka Batman… or Marco Pierre White, the real owner. Since we both know chances are that’s not the case, you’re only chance is to reserve a table.

This impressive Italian restaurant is located in the heart of London’s West End, where you can also visit many tourists attractions. The Criterion is all about the upscale feeling and attention to details put into decor, food and drinks. We’re not sure how much your wallet will enjoy this experience though, but hey, you only live once. It might be the most expensive of these restaurants and cafes from famous movies, but it’s a luxury you should indulge in.

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7. Café Sperl in Vienna, Austria, from Before Sunrise (1995)

This image shows the interior of Cafe Sperl. It's just a normal restaurant.
Interior of Cafe Sperl, one of the most romantic restaurants and cafes from famous movies. By Gryffindor – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

This is the place where one of the most memorable scenes in one of the most romantic movies ever was filmed. We’re talking about the imaginary telephone conversation with a friend between Jessie and Celine in Richard Linklater’s Before Sunrise. There, they pretend to talk about how they met a stranger in a train and their feelings about it. The place is Café Sperl, a 19th century coffee shop of laid-back atmosphere and more reasonable prices.

This cafe doesn’t get as many tourists as other places, so you can enjoy a coffee with your lover peacefully. Perhaps you two would be lucky to catch an empty spot in the same place as Jessie and Celine. Here’s an extra romantic tip: recreate the “Ring Ring” conversation, it’s surprising what you’d get to know.

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Finally, there are hundreds of European restaurants and cafes from famous movies you can actually visit. The best of all is that there’s something for every kind of movie lover and every kind of tourist. So don’t miss the chance to visit these places and feel as if you were in a movie too.

Have you ever been in a cafe or restaurant from an iconic movie in Europe? What would you like to visit? Tell us your experiences and what’s on your bucket list. We’re sure you will have fantastic time in Europe anyways.


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