This image shows the Nyhavn waterfront with its colorful townhouses and mirror-like canal. A boat can be seen anchored near the street.

Cruising Vintage Nyhavn, Copenhagen’s Flagship Gem

There are many cultural gems for both tourists and locals to appreciate in the heart of Copenhagen. Among those, perhaps the most iconic one is Nyhavn ("new port" in...
This image shows the Danish currency in all of its denominations, both coins and banknotes.

Making Sense of the Krone, Denmark’s Currency

Even though Denmark is a member of the EU (European Union) since 1973, it has never introduced the euro currency. In fact, the great majority of its citizens rejected...
Famous Cabaret Moulin Rouge in Paris, France, one of the most memorable restaurants and cafes from famous movies.

7 Restaurants and Cafes from Famous Movies You Must Visit in Europe

Wouldn't it be amazing to sit at the same restaurant or cafe where your favorite movie scene happened? It doesn't even have to be your favorite movie, but the...
This image shows an aerial view of Kronborg Castle and its surroundings.

Kronborg Castle: Visiting Hamlet’s Home in Helsingør, Denmark

Around 50 km (31 miles) away from Copenhagen, Denmark, lies the town of Helsingør (Elsinore in English), where a 600-year-old castle rises. Its wonderful achitecture and splendid sculptures hide...

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